Common Trash Removal And Management Mistakes

Trash removal is one of the most basic responsibilities that a person will have for keeping their property sanitary. However, people will still make a number of mistakes that can lead to potential problems when they are attempting to dispose of their home's trash and other waste.

Failing To Secure The Dumpster Or Garbage Bin

Securing the dumpster bin is not something that people may assign much importance to. However, the garbage bin that your home uses can be a prime target for a number of pests, stray animals, and even individuals rummaging through the garbage bin. Another problem that can come from a garbage bin that is not secure is that individuals may dump their own trash in it. This can lead to it becoming too full for you to use it. Opting for a garbage bin that can be locked will avoid these common problems, but you will need to remember to remove the lock prior to the dumpster being emptied.

Letting The Garbage Bin's Drain Become Clogged

Many garbage bins will have drains in them that allow rainwater runs out. If this drain were to become clogged, the entire dumpster may fill with water. This can quickly lead to unsanitary conditions, and it can also make the dumpster too heavy to be emptied by the trash removal provider. Periodically cleaning the garbage bin can help by removing grime and sticky residues that could increase the chances of this drain becoming clogged. Furthermore, any waste that goes into the dumpster should be bagged so that loose waste is unlikely to find its way to this drain.

Disposing Of Unsuitable Waste In The Bin

There are limitations on the type of waste that you can place in your garbage bin. A common example of this can be prohibitions on disposing of yard waste in the garbage container. However, batteries, flammable chemicals, and other substances are often prohibited from being placed in this bin. Spending time reviewing your trash removal provider's list of prohibited items can be useful for allowing you to avoid accidentally disposing of waste that can not be accepted by these services. In these cases, the trash removal service may refuse to collect your waste until the prohibited items are removed from the trash bin. This can lead to disruptions and the hassle of removing these items from the bin, but it can be easily avoided by adhering to the provider's list of prohibited items. 

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