Dealing With Water Damage? Why You Need To Hire A Mold Testing Service

If your home has sustained water damage, you might be focused on the water cleanup. In doing so, you might be missing part of the bigger picture: mold growth. Unfortunately, mold spores begin to grow almost as soon as the water damage occurs. In fact, the longer you delay the water cleanup, the worse the mold problem becomes. However, it's not always easy to get started on the water cleanup right away, especially when insurance companies are involved. Cleanup can also be delayed when flooding occurs while you're not at home. If your home has sustained any type of water damage, you need to arrange for mold testing as quickly as possible. Here are three of the reasons why hiring a mold testing service is so important after a flood. 

Identifies Mold Before It's Visible

If you've never had to clean up from a flood before, you might think that mold is visible right away. Unfortunately, that's not actually the case. Mold can take several days to become noticeable. During those initial days following the water damage, mold spores are busy growing in out-of-the-way places. Some of those places are under the carpet, or behind the walls, which is why you need to hire a mold testing service. Testing ensures that mold is identified before it becomes visible to the naked eye. 

Identifies Mold inside the Ducts

If your home has sustained flood damage, and you have an HVAC system, it's time to contact a mold testing service. You might think that your HVAC system is safe from mold growth, especially if the HVAC unit is installed above the ground. However, mold spores can be carried through the air, which means you may have mold growing in the ducts. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the mold growth in your ducts, which is where a mold testing service can help. The technicians who come out to conduct the testing will inspect the ducts. If mold is present, they'll identify and take care of the problem. 

Identifies Airborne Mold Spores

If you're cleaning up after a flood and are focusing on the surfaces, you need to think about the air. Though not visible, you could be breathing in the mold spores that are in the air. As such, since you cannot see those mold spores, you could be breathing unhealthy air. If you're worried about air quality after a flood, contact a mold testing service right away. 

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