Top Things You Can Choose When You're Ordering Custom Stickers

If you have decided that you want to order custom stickers that you can use for packaging your products, passing out to customers as promotional items, or for any other purpose, then you should you can provide all of the specifications for the stickers that you order. In fact, you might not even be totally aware of all of the different customization choices that are available when you're placing your order. If you are curious about what types of specifications you will be able to provide, you should contact the printing company that will be making your custom stickers. These are some of the things that you will be able to choose.

Their Shape

One thing that you should consider is the shape of your custom stickers. Many companies provide things like custom round stickers as well as rectangular or square ones. Round stickers have a different look and can really stand out, but rectangular or square custom stickers can work well on packaging. Some companies even offer custom stickers in other shapes, too.

Their Size

Bigger stickers will cost a little bit more but will stand out more when added to packages or when used for other purposes. Smaller stickers can fit on smaller packages and will be more affordable. You should be able to choose from a few different sizes when ordering custom stickers, and you can always purchase custom stickers in different sizes so that you will have the right stickers for any use or occasion.

The Background Color

Typically, you don't just have to opt for a white background when ordering custom stickers, although this is a popular option. Many companies that print custom stickers actually allow their customers to choose from a wide range of background colors.

The Design

You may want to add your company logo, some type of funny or cute graphic, or some other design to your custom stickers. Whether you already have a graphic that you want to use or if you need help with creating that graphic, the printing company that you place your order with should be able to help you. They should also let you choose from different fonts, and you should be able to add any words that you want, too.

The Finish

Lastly, you should be able to choose the finish on your custom stickers. Many people choose a simple, matte finish for their custom stickers, but you will probably have the option to choose really shiny stickers or stickers with an in-between finish.