Tips When Dealing With Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire extinguishers are critical safety components for commercial buildings. If a fire ever happened, it's this device that can suppress it. In order to continue using this device correctly and safely, inspections are required. You can approach them correctly by reading over these key tips.

Opt Into a Monthly Program

A couple of inspections throughout the year for fire extinguishers isn't enough to truly make sure these fire suppression devices are working like they should. You'll be better off having them inspected every month. Then there won't be any question of the condition and performance of your fire extinguishers.

You'll have added convenience with these inspections if you opt into a monthly program. A lot of inspection companies offer them at a set rate. You then won't have to worry about scheduling these inspections throughout the year. An inspector will just come out at the requested time and date each month.

Pay Attention to Physical State

You can easily determine how a fire extinguisher will work when treating a developing fire by examining its physical state. What things do you notice about the fire extinguishers in your building? Are there structural issues like dents or rust developing on any of the sections?

Monitoring the physical state of your fire extinguishers can help your inspections be more meaningful. If there is severe physical damage present, then you'll know to have a professional inspector come out quickly to assess its state and operating conditions. Then you can repair or replace the extinguisher based on what this professional tells you.

Monitor Inspection Tags

Even if you've opted into a monthly inspection program for your building's fire extinguishers, you still want to verify that they're being performed. That's what inspection tags are for. All of your fire extinguishers should have them. 

The tags should be easy to access and they should be completely filled out, showing when the last inspection was and who it was that performed by. If the tag is missing or there is information not filled out, you need to deal with this situation so that these issues aren't frequent.

Fire extinguishers are needed in case fires develop in your building. If you're smart about how you have these systems inspected and work with the right inspectors, then you'll have a fairly easy time keeping these systems in great shape. Then everyone in your building will feel better about being able to respond to fires. Reach out to a professional who provides fire extinguisher inspections to learn more.