Creative Ways To Top The Posts On Your Fence

Post fences are relatively common in many parts of the country because they are strong, inexpensive to build, and look nice. Adding something extra to the fence by installing 4x4 post caps can give the fence a finished look and provide something helpful to the posts.

Simple Post Caps

4x4 post caps for your fence or deck railing come in so many different shapes, styles, and materials, that it isn't hard to find something that blends in with your home and adds a finishing touch to the posts. Basic wood or vinyl caps are available unpainted so you can install them and then paint them to match your existing fence or railing, and they are often only a couple of dollars per cap. 

The caps are easy to install, and you can do it with simple hand tools or some construction adhesive if you want. Once the cap is in place, paint it to match the fence or railing, or choose another color to contrast the fence if you like. The options are wide open, and you can choose what is best for your home and style. 

Lighted Post Caps

One excellent option you might want to consider is lighted 4x4 post caps for your deck railing or driveway. LED lights on the post caps make the lights easy to install, inexpensive to operated, and can set up to turn on when it gets dark out automatically. 

Like the standard caps, these 4x4 post caps come in many styles and colors, so you can choose caps that you like best. On a driveway fence, you may want to use taller caps with lights in them and place them on every third or fourth post, to light the way. 

Add standard caps to the other posts to finish the look, and when it gets dark out, your driveway will have a completely different look than it did before adding the post caps and lights. The lights can be soft and mark the edge of the driveway and the fence line, or they can be brighter to light up the areas. The choice is really up to you.

Metal Post Caps

If you prefer a copper or brass look, you can get post caps made from different metals designed to be left unpainted and add a specific look to the posts. Copper caps can look great as well, but they will take some maintenance to keep them from tarnishing over time. 

If you are going with copper 4x4 post caps, you may want to add a clear coat over the metal to protect the copper from the weather and retain that original look and feel. There are also painted metal caps that are available and require less maintenance but still provide the durability of the metal caps if you prefer that.