The Best Stocking Fillers This Christmas

Christmas is not too far away and many households are beginning to prepare for it by buying gifts, food, hampers, decorations, and other holiday-themed supplies. Something that often gets forgotten about until far too late is what to do fill your Christmas stockings with. Many families continue this tradition of hanging up stockings and filling them with small gifts such as food and socks, but that is not quite enough to do it. Here are three stocking fillers that are affordable, great for children or adults, and easy to get even in this crazy time of Christmas with coronavirus. 

Wildlife Calendars

Calendars are a practical gift that is often forgotten about due to the increased availability of digital calendars. However, physical calendars are better in almost every respect because they are easier to adjust, provide a real-life reminder of something, and can be personalized to your tastes. Wildlife calendars are great for children or adults because you can personalize them by picking their favorite animal or type of animal. Many wildlife calendars even support conservation and other ecologically important charities, so you can feel good about spending a bit extra on them over a regular, boring calendar.

Deck of Cards

Cards are an almost endless source of fun with hundreds of games utilizing them in some respect. They are great for parties, traveling, and holiday gatherings (such as Christmas) and it can be fun to teach younger members some of the more old-fashioned games you played growing up. They are great for adults and children alike, and if you want you can also include a short rulebook that contains instructions on different games they can try out. Maybe try to get a deck of cards that is from their favorite sports team or movie franchise. If they are a bit older then a classic, well-made deck of cards is preferable. 


Belts are one of the most common ways to keep your outfit in one piece, but suspenders are a far more interesting and fun choice on occasions where you don't need to be too formal. Suspenders are a great novelty gift that also doubles as an actually useful piece of someone's wardrobe. They are easy to find in stock and they can come in all sorts of different colors and shapes, although traditional black is the easiest to wear. For someone who is always losing their belt, suspenders are a great alternative.