How Aerial Imagery Acquisition Is Handy During Wildfires

Aerial imagery acquisition, which is the process of using small aircraft to take videos and pictures from the sky, can be very handy during all sorts of different natural disasters. For example, if a wildfire is roaring through your area, then you may be able to use an aerial imagery acquisition service for various purposes. Some of the ways that using one of these services might be handy during a wildfire are listed here.

Find Out if People Need Help

When there is a wildfire going on, one of the first and most important things that your community should focus on is getting help for those who need it. If the phone lines are down and if communication is otherwise difficult, then using aerial imagery acquisition to check the surrounding area is a good way to look for individuals who might be in need of assistance. Local law enforcement and rescue crews can use this information to formulate a plan for rescuing the individuals who might be stuck or otherwise in a bad situation because of the wildfires.

Determine Where to Send Crews

If the fire crews aren't aware of where the fire starts and ends and if they do not know about where the worst parts are, then it will be much harder for them to fight the fire. Information from aerial imagery acquisition crews can be very handy for those who are involved in fighting the fires since they can use this information to come up with a plan for attacking the fire in the way that is going to be most effective.

Send Out Warnings

While wildfire is raging in the area, it is important to send out warnings to the people who might be affected. In addition to letting residents and business owners in the area know a little more about what they could be facing, you can use information from aerial imagery acquisition services to let tourists and drivers who might pass through the area know that they need to avoid certain areas until the fire is dealt with. These warnings can help with keeping everyone safe.

If your community is currently dealing with wildfires, then you may find that using an aerial imagery acquisition service is very helpful. If this is not something that those in your community have thought about doing yet, then you might want to propose the idea for the reasons above.