Four Tips For Parking A Rental Moving Truck

If you are moving to another state or city, chances are you are going to have to stop to stay the night at a hotel before hitting the road again. After all, sleep is necessary to make a move safe and efficient. Lack of sleep can lead to stress about a long distant move and impair your ability to make good judgments about the process. If you are going to be driving the rental moving truck yourself, here are four tips to consider about parking the truck:

  1. Ask About Valet Parking: Some hotels will have secure valet parking you can use. The vehicle will be parked in a locked garage where no one will be able to attempt breaking into the moving truck and stealing your belongings. This is a great option so long as the hotel actually has valet parking that is completely secure, which means they are usually well-lit with security cameras and a locked gate.
  2. Call the Company's Nearest Lot: Whichever company you are renting the moving truck from will likely have a lot nearby where you can park the truck overnight. Since you are using that company's business, they are sure to allow this. Just be sure that you call in advance and stay at the closest hotel to that lot as possible. 
  3. Park Near the Hotel Entrance: In some cases, the above two options won't work out either because there aren't many hotels along your route, which limits the chances of finding a hotel with secure valet parking or there aren't any moving company lots you can use. If this is the case, you should park your moving truck near the entrance of the hotel or in a well-lit area. Another good option is to park the back of the moving truck against a wall, getting as close to the wall as possible, which makes it almost impossible for someone to break into it. 
  4. Keep the Front Empty: When you park your moving truck, be sure that you do not leave any valuables visible in the front seat. You also want to be sure that you don't keep any boxes up front, which indicates that the back of the truck is definitely full. This makes the truck a higher target for someone looking to rob one.

When you utilize these four tips, you'll be able to travel more safely and sleep easier when you need to stop for rest. For more information on moving truck rentals, contact a company in your area.