Why Your Business Needs A Packing Consultant

Do have a local store, but everyone is always telling you that you should sell your products online? Are you currently working on having a website created that will attract new business? Setting up your new online store may be the easiest part of this. Packing up and shipping out your products can be tricky. While you may be planning on doing this part entirely on your own, you may want to consider hiring a packing consultant. Here are some reasons how they can help you:

Oddly shaped items: Most packing supplies are designed for use with items that come in mostly square or rectangular packages. But what if you have something long and skinny, one that won't fit inside a tube? What about pyramidal or even nearly spherical items? A good packing consultant can help you figure out the optimum size box or boxes for each product that you plan to sell online. In some cases, this may be a box that you can buy just about anywhere. In other cases, this may be a custom made box of a specific size and shape. 

Going green: Shipping things across the country can use up a lot of packing supplies. Just one moderately sized box can wind up filling an entire garbage bag with trash. A consultant can help you figure out how to cut down on the supplies that are being used or help make them more eco-friendly. Part of this will be helping you to find the right sized boxes, while other parts can include finding alternate supplies for you. This may mean helping you to decide when using shredded paper is appropriate and when you should be using a different filler and padding material.

Save money: Packages are sometimes charged not only by weight but by size. An oversized but relatively lightweight package may wind up being more expensive to ship than some smaller and heavier packages. By helping to optimize the packing supplies that you use, a packing consultant can help save you money on postage. In addition, reducing the size and volume of your packages means that you'll be saving money on packing supplies as well. Instead of spending a fortune on padding materials, you'll be able to cut costs in that area. As a result of all of your savings, you may even be able to offer free shipping for certain orders, which can help attract more customers in the future.

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