5 Copier Features That Are Ideal For Restaurants & Diners

When running a restaurant, office work is a huge extension of the daily tasks like cooking and serving food. Having a professional copier in your office is great way to complete tasks and get them done quickly. As you shop for a copier for your restaurant, there are five key features to look for. Each of these features cater specifically to the restaurant industry and will allow you to focus on other tasks in the business while the copying machine gets the tedious work done for you.

Fax & Email Connections

A number of professional copiers can automatically connect to both fax numbers and email addresses. These connections make it a lot easier to handle take-out orders that are sent to the restaurant. Instead of answering orders on the phone all day, the orders can be printed and processed right to the kitchen. You can set up an email address that automatically prints the orders as they are received. For example, you can have the email [email protected] logged into the copier. Each order can be printed and then quickly prepared for the customer. When setting up a fax machine or email, you can even set up automatic reply messages so the customer has confirmation that the order was received and properly printed.

Front & Back Printing

At many restaurants, the menu is often changing and evolving. New items, eliminated items, or price changes can all result in a large menu overhaul. When you need new menus fast, you can purchase a copier that features automated front and back printing. A printed menu can be copied on the front and back and then a set amount of copies can be chosen. These copies will automatically print the front sides and feed the paper back through to print on the back. A high-speed copier can complete this task in a matter of minutes and have your menus ready to go. Not only does front and back printing provide a nice visual for your menu, but it helps save a lot of paper and waste.

ID Card Features

When hiring new employees for your restaurant, you often need to make copies of forms and identification like a license. Instead of running the copier twice to get an ID copied, many professional copiers have features specifically for this purpose. The face of the ID is placed down, the scan is made and then you simply flip the ID to capture the reverse side. The resulted printout features both sides of the ID on a single sheet of paper. This helps save time and waste for your company files.


To help keep customers happy, many businesses will provide gift certificates or coupons for different occasions. A watermarking feature on a copier can help showcase the authenticity of the coupon and ensure that it is an original one printed at your business. A watermarking provides a semi-translucent text or image that goes over the original copy. When printing out coupons or gift certificates, a watermarking can include the date, your restaurant logo, or just text stating the name of the restaurant. The watermarking can be changed each time you print so your system stays updated and you can track different features.

Cardstock Feeds

When copying menus or daily specials, the printouts can have more durability when they are on a thicker piece of cardstock. The thicker paper allows the wait staff to easily pass out and collect them without easy rips or tears along the edges. When using cardstock, a copier needs to have the proper feeds and settings to handle the thicker paper. Many business copiers have manual feeds built into them. These feeds can handle the cardstock and print on it without any jams or problems. Some of the feeds are manual, having you place one sheet in at a time. Others are automatic and can handle different paper weights like a thick cardstock.

By choosing copier features that fit your needs, you can have a system that works quickly and efficiently on a daily basis. For more information about your options for a copier, contact a local supplier like Lafayette Business Machines Inc