4 Home Security Features Inspired By Jason Bourne

In the series of Jason Bourne movies, the former spy must travel the globe to unlock mysteries about his past and outsmart several other undercover agents. Not only do these films feature great action, but they showcase a number of innovative security and technology features. As you look to install or upgrade the security in your own home, there are five different features you can take directly from the series of movies. Each of these features will help add extra protection to your home and can be installed by a majority of home security services. Not only are the features similar to things found in the Bourne movies, but they provide true protection for your home.

Digital Doorbells

Whether Jason Bourne was traveling through a public transportation hub or visiting an international hotel, many of his followers would track and recognize him using digital video technology in entrance ways. The same type of technology can be used to see every person that shows up at your door. A digital doorbell provides a small video camera that is automatically streamed to a monitor or portable device when the doorbell rings. Digital microphones and speakers allow you to communicate with the person at the door without even opening the door yourself. The technology can even connect to an internet-enabled device when you're not home. Once the doorbell rings, you receive an alert and can instantly connect to the video feed.

False Lights

Many times when Bourne was in hiding, he would use lights and other tricks to make it appear like he was in a room that he actually wasn't. When using a home security company, you can apply the same idea to multiple rooms in your home. Security companies have the ability to install automatic light timers and special lights like TV duplication lights. These lights replicate the brightness and shifting lights of a TV screen. The light timers can make it look like you're home and actively moving around the house. This will provide you with an extra deterrent to keep criminals away from your home.

Home Security Key Code Alerts

As part of a top-secret spy program, Jason Bourne had to know several different  key codes and passwords to send alerts to other agents. This same type of system can be used with your home security company. Once the security system is in place, you can set up special key code alerts for when you are under distress. If the system has a keypad, then there are combinations to help disable the alarm or contact authorities. For example, a code used to shut off the alarm with no problems may be 3456. The emergency alert code to contact authorities could be 6543. The use of the codes will not tip off criminals that the authorities are on the way and can disable the alarm at the same time.

Motion Detection IP Cameras

Exterior cameras on your home can help track movements and any type of suspicious activity that occurs on your property. As Jason Bourne traveled the globe, motion detection and wireless camera systems were often used for surveillance systems. The camera system for your home can be connected to a Wi-Fi connection. With the connection, you can use a wireless device to connect to the cameras and view feeds at any time. These types of cameras are known as IP cameras and provide 24-hour surveillance options through your internet connection. Motion detectors can send automatic alerts to the device when the sensor has been activated. This allows you to instantly check in and see what's going on around your property.


With a little planning and consultation with home security companies, you have the ability to properly install features that can protect your home and replicate the world of Jason Bourne. You do not need to be a spy to take advantage of these security features and feel protect at all times in your home. Contact a company like Intellex Security to get started.