5 In-Store Uses For Banner Stands

Banner stands can be an effective form of advertising. They are usually start at eye-level and are easy to get close to and read. Additionally, they pop out of their surroundings, catching the attention of people who are passing them. If you own a business and are thinking about purchasing banner stands to use inside your store, you should consider the following five uses for banner stands. The purpose of your banner stands will help you decide on the design of the banner stand as well as its best placement inside your store.  


It is important to welcome your guests to your store and prepare them for their shopping experience. A warm welcome can help put your customers at ease and make them feel positive about entering your store, setting them up for a positive shopping experience. While a personal, verbal greeting from an employee may be ideal, you may not have the human resources to greet each customer individually. In that case, a banner stand at the entrance to your store with a brief welcoming message and the name of your store can help make your customers more comfortable. 

Advertising Specials and Incentives

If you have recurring specials, banner stands can be an effective way to draw attention to them. For example, a yearly back-to-school special can be advertised by a few banner stands placed in close proximity to the majority of your sale items. While banners may be too intense of a technique to advertise short-term specials on individual products, they can be a good way to introduce new products that your customers may not have seen before.

For instance, products that are completely new to the market or are new to your store could be advertised with a special display including a banner stand to draw your customers' attention. The banner stand can include product features as well as useful technical information about the product. 

Additional Information 

Your banner stands do not have to directly advertise your products and sales. Instead, they can be used to make your customers' shopping experience more pleasant by providing helpful information related to your products. For example, if you have a section of outdoor workout gear in your store, you may create a banner stand stating the positive effects of working out outside. Although this is not directly advertising your products, it can remind your customers why they might need your products.  


With the modern possibility of shopping online, the purpose of in-person retail stores is being continually re-evaluated. Many people choose to shop at brick and mortar stores for convenience, inspiration, and entertainment or social interaction. One of the ways you can make your store more entertaining for customers is through the use of banner stands. You can put jokes, strange facts, or even a scavenger hunt on your banner stands. This can help increase customer engagement and make them remember your store for their future shopping needs. 

For example, if you have parents who frequently shop with their children, having entertaining banner stands with popular children's characters on them could make the shopping experience more pleasant for both the parents and the children, making them want to return to your store the next time they need to go shopping. 

Request for Return Business 

Just as important as a warm welcome, a nice, "Come again, soon," or "Have a nice day!" can leave your customers with a positive feeling about your store and make them want to shop there again. For this, you can place a banner stand near the exit of your store. Having a two-sided banner stand with a welcome on one side and a request for return business on the other can be a cost-effective solution. 

Using banner stands effectively for in-store advertising can help your business by increasing customer satisfaction and brand awareness, but the banner stands need to be well-designed and strategically placed for best results.